OBHS issues Request for Proposal: Capital Construction Projects Program Management Services

One Brooklyn Health System’s (OBHS) Planning & Construction Division is soliciting proposals to provide Program Management Services for the planning, design, and construction of OBHS’s capital improvement projects. The Request for Proposal (RFP) is available in the "RFP Information" page on this website and advertised on the New York State Contract Reporter. OBHS intends to select a program management firm or team based on the information contained in responses to the RFP. 

OBHS will consider only those Proposers who are able to demonstrate compliance with the following minimum qualification requirements:

  • Successfully completed two (2) project management      assignments involving similar scopes of work within the past five (5)      years, with each project having a contracted value in excess of $500      million.
  • Have a documented record of successfully completing      capital grant projects with the NYS Department of Health within the last      three (3) years.
  • Have a documented record of successfully completing      construction projects pertaining to health care facilities, including      hospitals, while such facilities were in operation, within the past five      (5) years.

Submitted proposals shall thoroughly address all of the items listed in the RFP. Submittals that do not address all of the information outlined in Section D. Proposal Submittal Guidelines are considered incomplete and may not be subject to further evaluation. Proposals are required to include a copy of the firm’s fee proposal and staffing plan with electronic submittal. RFP responses from interested firms are due electronically via e-mail with subject F&C-CAPM-001 Proposal by June 27, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. ET. Please also submit five (5) physical copies of the RFP response to:

Dona A. Green

Senior Vice President, Strategy/Project Management

One Brooklyn Health System, Inc.

c/o Interfaith Medical Center

1545 Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11213

With the issuance of this RFP, vendors may not contact OBHS leadership or facilities staff directly regarding the RFP. All questions must be submitted via email with subject F&C-CAPM-001 Question to Dona Green by June 7, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. ET. Answers to qualifying questions will be posted on the NYS Contract Reporter no later than June 12, 2018.