About One Brooklyn Health Systems ("OBHS")


One Brooklyn Health System, Inc. (OBHS) is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation licensed under Article 28 of the Public Health Law. OBHS is the NYS Department of Health approved co-operator of Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, Interfaith Medical Center and Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center.  

OBHS seeks to preserve and enhance access to healthcare services in Brooklyn by coalescing the separate hospitals and their governed affiliates into a sustainable, quality integrated health system. In April 2016, the NYS Department of Health commissioned a feasibility study (The Brooklyn Study: Reshaping the Future of Healthcare) which proposed a roadmap or “Plan” to transform the healthcare delivery system in central and northeastern Brooklyn. The Transformation Plan proposed in the study has been adopted by OBHS.

In January 2018, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that OBHS was awarded $664 million in capital funding from the NYS Department of Health’s Health Care Facilities Transformation Program: Kings County project. The award represents a significant part of the Governor’s groundbreaking $1.4 billion “Vital Brooklyn” initiative that will address chronic social, economic and health disparities – and transform Central Brooklyn. The funding provides OBHS with approximately:

· $210 million to develop a 32-site ambulatory care network

· $384 million for critical clinical and facility infrastructure improvements and 

· $70 million to create an enterprise wide Health Information Technology Platform. 

The OBHS mission, as adopted by its independent and unified Board of Trustees, is to provide greater access to high quality medical care and keep its communities healthy through an integrated care system that respects the diversity of our communities and addresses both the health needs and the unique factors that shape them. 

OBHS is led by CEO, LaRay Brown. Ms. Brown also serves as President and CEO of Interfaith Medical Center. The COO of OBHS is Dominick Stanzione, who is also President and CEO, Brookdale Hospital Medical Center. The executive committee of the OBHS Board of Trustees for all three campuses includes:

· Alex Rovt, Ph.D., Board Chairperson

· Robert M. Waterman, D. Min, Board Vice Chairperson

· Henna White, Board Secretary/Treasurer